Géométrie variable


Textile partition

Polyester, 3D mesh

Laser cutting, laminating

A collection of textile partitions built by means of an interlocking system. This solution is a plain and playful way of shaping the material. The created surface consists of a large-scale jigsaw that can be infinitely built and taken apart. In this sense, the partition invites the user to interact and to live a visual experience in their living space.

Each side of the partition is different and therefore reveals or hides new elements. Furthermore, the surface of the elements can evolve by means of a hand-made original interlocking system. Thanks to this, the partition can easily adapt to any space.

One of Anne-Sophie's project guidelines consists of allowing the user to customize their partition to match their needs.

To do so, she puts forward composition templates the user is free to choose. They can either reproduce a model partition or invent new ones.















Copyright 2018 Anne-Sophie Muller All Rights Reserved / Photography : Christophe Bustin